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Corona, not a problem for healthy Sisterlocks.

Whose report will you believe? Sisters, I hope you've been checking the web to see if your consultant or Sisterlocks trainee is still thinking about your lock struggles and comforting your mind and spirit during this month long or however long this pre-apocalyptic time last. Yes, we are thinking about You All, but we know that if all instructions were followed that were given us during our training and we follow them, your locks are and will continue to be healthy and beautiful until we are back together again.

At this point, now that you know the Corona affects won't damage your locks, as long as you band your locks before shampooing, for you newbies and unsettled Sisters, and daily groom, you can move right along. Most of you who are working from home are in hair peace, but those who aren‘t, will probably have to do a little more shampooing. That's alright because you can do your updos and wraps (full or half) to keep the your locks protected and looking gorgeous. Those of you at home can clean your scalps sometimes, with a mild astringent, rather than a full wash, but also do your up-dos. It will still grow, but it will just look neater and possibly last a little longer.

Please remember to always use (your finger combing) to assure that your locks are not matting. If you workout or have night sweats, you could have minimal or maximum matting (according to your texture and curl pattern), so make sure to groom often. It will help during such a time as this. If you have your Sisterlocks products, this is an opportunity to test them. Hygiene is always important, but especially now. If you have some light scarves, cover your Sisterlocks when you go out or use a super wide headband to cover the majority of your locks. They can be so pretty partially covered. You might come up with several really fancy do's of your own.

Try those up-dos you've really wanted to try. Twist or braid them to see just how versatile and cute they are in an up-do. I'm just brainstorming here. Just remember, Do Not put them up damp and leave them up, that could cause a set of new problems. (We'll cover that in a later blog post). Your locks are perfect for Such A Time As This, (that too is another discussion for later). Also Sisters, please don't use spray or powdered dry shampoos on your locks. They are Not designed for the locks. Even though, no doubt, Sisterlocks(tm) has an outstandingly great clarifying shampoo, there's no need to do a super test with it. NO! I know you will want to shampoo more...some of us, if for no other reason accept we really aren't sure how this strain of virus spreads. Understandable, but shampoo, just be gentle and use the correct techniques and products.

Use your measure of faith Sisters. I asked myself at the beginning of this pandemic, " Whose report will I believe?" I chose to believe the report if the Lord. I love you All, and let's just see what God has for us in the next few weeks, months or dare I say year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please check with your personal consultant or leave a comment below. I am not a Sisterlock Master Consultant, but I will find the answer for you and respond as soon as possible. Be safe and stay covered.

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